Monday, August 17, 2015

Don’t Miss the 2016 Hyundai Sonata in Dealerships Near Cleveland, TN

For people looking for a green alternative in cars, why not try out a Hyundai? Dealers near Cleveland, TN, like Grayson Hyundai in Knoxville, will soon be receiving the latest version of the impressive Hyundai Sonata, and it boasts at being a hybrid. The first generation Sonata came out way back in 1985 and has noticeably come a long way. If you’re undecided, here’s a simple primer on what you’ll be getting when you purchase the newest model. Looking Good and Functional Since it’s been around for some time, a lot of people can recognize what a Hyundai Sonata looks like. The fancy style is distinctive, however, and for this go-around, the Korean car manufacturer has decided to go for simplicity. Instead of the rounded nose and flamboyant grille, you’ll be getting a more aerodynamic chassis. Simple and business-like, the 2016 Sonata has a smoother shape, which lowers its drag to 0.24—lower than any other hybrid on the market.

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